The Jason Wu Collection was established with a commitment to making beautifully crafted clothes with a modern sophistication. Jason has always been driven by a curiosity to learn about construction, workmanship and perfecting every detail of his designs. “My philosophy has always been to build a garment from the inside out,” explains Jason.

As a child he began using dolls as mannequins to learn how to sew after his mother bought him his first sewing machine. The small nature of the mannequins taught him to fine tune every minute detail of his designs.   

Today, he continues on the same path, striving for perfection in his collection where he must start working 5-6 months in advance of their presentation. Over 90% of his fabrics are produced in Italy and France, most of which are designed for and exclusive to Jason.  Each season he creates unique prints based on the inspiration of the season and frequently explores new and innovative ways of printing them onto fabric. As the entire accessory collection is produced in Italy, he begins the process by creating custom hardware, heels and working closely with the tanneries to develop unique designs.

His many intricate embellishments take at least 5 months to create. The signature feather details are created at Lemarie in Paris and can take several months to custom dye and burnout, which adds lightness to the garments. For embroidered pieces, custom sequins are often created and hand-applied onto garments, sometimes taking up to 1000 hours. By using old world couture techniques with a modern eye, he is able to create singular designs that are distinctly Jason Wu.  

Lastly, the garments are created by skillfully blending beautiful fabrics and luxurious details based on the many ideas he sketches every day. After making numerous toiles to ensure proper fit and accurate drape, the collection comes together with the help of Jason’s atelier, who artfully constructs each garment by hand with a meticulous eye for detail.