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GREY x Pantone: The Making Of A Color

GREY Jason Wu is about capturing the happy medium and embracing the things in life that aren’t so black or white. We think that there is an unoccupied space in fashion today between designs that are either too sweet and girly or too serious and edgy. GREY Jason Wu is a designer collection that combines the sophistication of an uptown woman with the relaxed coolness of a downtown girl. GREY Jason Wu also reflects  the world we live in which is no longer simply black and white. As David Bowie brilliantly predicted, “that grey space in the middle is what the twenty-first century is going to be about.” We celebrate everything about life and fashion that is grey. 

We partnered with the Pantone Color Institute to create a signature GREY hue inspired by the soft grey of a favorite t-shirt. Jason takes us on a visit to the Pantone lab as he works with their scientists to explore the intricacies of color and explains why he decided to become the first fashion brand to create its own custom color.


Film Direction: Bogie Films | Production: 214 | Special Thanks: Pantone